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natural lip balm recipes

Natural Lip Balm Recipes

​Have you ever though about how to make natural lip balm, and where to find natural lip balm recipes?

I think you have found the right place.​

Lip balm is a practical and indispensable preparation for care, which will certainly find in each briefcase, purse or pocket. It's always handy to protect and nourish the lips of various external factors and can give them the extra sparkle or color and refresh the face.

Balm or a lip balm, a name that has also become customary to every similar composition, all of which is the same favorite product.

There are various combinations of flavor, color, and luster of lip balm in stores, but certainly, it's even better when it is made from all-natural ingredients. An excellent, natural and inexpensive lip balm that will provide to our lips all the necessary care, it can be very easy to prepare at home.

Nobody leaves home without lip balm. For some, it is a substitute for lipstick or lip gloss, a need for people with sensitive skin. On the market there are countless brands that sell their version of lip balm, some more, some less successful, but how will we match the particular product is completely individual.

Today there are more and more of those who are made exclusively from natural ingredients and are somewhat underrepresented in the market, but their popularity is growing. Natural Lip balms can be found in some health food stores, with local honey producers, or alternative, natural cosmetics, but also we can make our own lip balm, and enjoy its beneficial effects and care. All we need are the ingredients from nature and a bit of skill.

Natural lip balm recipes​

​To prepare your lip balm we need all-natural ingredients. With careful monitoring of preparation steps, we can get an excellent natural product for the lips to provide all the necessary care and protect them from external conditions. For the preparation of domestic natural lip balm, the most commonly used are natural oils and butter, beeswax, between the other individual ingredients. Each element of that prepared balsam has its positive effects in the skin care and containing substances useful for the nourishment of the skin, give the optimal humidity and create a protective layer which protects the lips.

Beeswax is the basis for the preparation of most natural lip balm. It nourishes the skin, protects it and gives it enough moisture. In addition to recipes for lip balm, thanks to its properties is widely used in natural medicine and cosmetics and it is used in the preparation of various creams, lotions, and balms.

Lip balm with beeswax​

beeswax for lips

Use beeswax for lip balm!

​To prepare the balm we will need a few good healthy natural ingredients. Beeswax should be of better quality, to be in a vacuum and kept in a cool place, in order to maintain freshness for a new preparation. Other ingredients will be found on the kitchen shelves, and to prepare this lip balm we’ll need:

  • One tablespoon beeswax
  • A few drops of olive oil or jojoba oil
  • About half a teaspoon of honey
  • Aromatic extract, if desired

Splinter amount of beeswax to the extent of a spoon, chop it up and put in a bowl to melt. The oil is added so the balm would have even better texture and so lips will be well nourished. When mixing beeswax and oil place the bowl in the microwave oven and the wax is completely melted, stirring occasionally, to avoid burning.

It can be dissolved in a pot for cooking, with constant stirring to dissolve all nice. When you get a fine texture, leave the mixture to cool, but when it starts to shrink can be added to the remaining ingredients. Honey is added in very small quantities, so as not to disrupt the consistency of the balm, it is excellent because it adds antibacterial properties and good taste.​