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Natural Makeup Removal

Natural makeup removal s something that most of us want in order to protect our skin and to keep it young and smooth.

Removing makeup at the end of the day is absolutely a must if you want a beautiful and clean skin on your face. Sleeping with makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your face! However, the daily use of makeup removers can dry out and damage the skin of the face.

Whatever the quality and mild tonic you are using, the chemicals they contain are certainly not something that your skin needs on a daily basis.

There are various ways to make your usual routine in removing makeup more beneficial for the skin.

Here are some of them …

Washing with delicate soap and lukewarm water is the most classic, but certainly one of the best ways to remove makeup from your face. Get a soap that will suit your face type, best made from organic "domestic" ingredients such as goat's milk, honey and the like. During the application gently rub the soap with circular movements and at the same time massage your face.

1. Oils - There is a very varied selection of oils that you can tailor for makeup and facial cleansing.

Olive oil is one of the most beneficial for the skin. It thoroughly cleanses, nourishes and hydrates the skin. In addition to providing the necessary vitamins, after only a few days of use, you will notice that your dark circles around your eyes have significantly retreated, and your face looks fresher and younger. The best thing about olive oil is that it fits each type of skin.

coconut oil to remove makeup

Coconut oil has been neglected for a long time, but recently it has begun to discover its incredible beneficial effects on skin, hair, nails ... If you have weak lashes this will be your ideal makeup remover. After a few weeks of use, you will notice that your lashes are denser and stronger. If you have dry skin, coconut oil should be your first choice.

castor oil to remove makeup

Castor oil is only recommended for oily skin type. If you have this kind of skin, opt for castor oil because it is considerably more favorable than olive, and has the same effects.

almond oil to remove makeup

Almond oil is considered as an appropriate substitute for olive oil, but, like castor oil, it is recommended for people with oily skin on the face. It is especially recommended if you have sensitive eyes or wear lenses.

rosemary oil to remove makeup

Rosemary oil, in addition to being an ideal means for removing lipstick, especially in red or some other darker shade, even better nourishes and hydrates the lips that are the most sensitive skin region of the face.

Removing makeup using oil is very simple. Apply oil on a cotton pad, and rub your face with circular movements so that you remove the markings of your makeup. Oils may be the best means of removing waterproof makeup, which can not be removed with ordinary soap and water.
Also, as a make-up remover, oils can also be used as a face mask. Simply rub your skin with your fingers and let it absorb or after 10 minutes remove with a teaspoon of chamomile tea.

2. Milk or yogurt is certainly the most popular, and most frequently used makeup remover. The combination of milk or yogurt with a few drops of any oil is the best choice. Milk cleans the deepest layers of the skin from the fats, and it‘s very effective. If you have sensitive eyes, it is a much better option than classic tonics and creams for removing makeup.

milk and yogurt to remove makeup

Yogurt has a similar effect. The skin will get the freshness, elasticity, and smoothness. The skin easily absorbs proteins that yogurt contains. It‘s highly recommended if you try to reduce wrinkles and regenerate damaged skin ( eczema, allergy, rash, etc…)

Make a home lotion for removing makeup

Eye skin is certainly the most sensitive and sometimes it's very difficult to find a suitable lotion or makeup remover for this skin region. That's why it's best to make it yourself.

Tonic no. 1 - Chamomile + oil

chamomile and oil to remove makeup

Ingredients: 50ml jojoba oil, 50ml camomile tea, 1 drop of lavender oil.

Preparation: Make chamomile tea, process it and, when cooled, add jojoba oil and 1 drop of lavender oil. Shake before each use, because the oil and tea will be separated due to different densities. Apply the liquid to the cotton pad and remove the makeup from the sensitive area around the eyes. Remember, eye make-up is not to be removed by sudden rubbing movements, so make sure you put the soaked cotton pad on the eye, hold for about 5 seconds and then gently pull it down and up.

Eyes are sensitive, as well as the skin around them, by improperly removing makeup, as well as applying facial creams, you can cause eye irritation, as well as the appearance of small wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

Tonic no 2 - Cucumber + milk

cucumber and milk to remove makeup

A cucumber as a food rich in water is one of the best for hydrating the skin. No wonder its part of a lot of facial masks. It's one of the best products you can use to remove makeup.

Ingredients: 1 small cucumber, half a cup of milk

Preparation: Cut a cucumber into cubes or, better still, merge, and crush it. Add the milk, then boil for 10 minutes and let it cool down. Apply a mixture on a wad or a tufer, and lightly rub your face until you remove the makeup. This mixture will also nourish the skin, hydrate and accelerate wrinkle reduction. This replacement for tonic is best recommended for oily skin.

Tonic no 3 - Green tea + rice milk

Ingredients: a cup of green tea, half a cup of rice milk

Preparation: Prepare tea, add milk, and let it cool down to room temperature. Dip the tuffer into this mixture and clean your face.

Tonic no 4 - Banana + soy milk

Ingredients: 1 banana, a teaspoon of soy milk

Preparation: Beat the banana and add soy milk. Combine the ingredients, apply them with your fingers on your face and rub well. Keep it standing for 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Make-up will be removed, and the skin will be gentle and well nourished.