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Onion Treatment for Hair

Onion treatment for hair could be very beneficiary for you if you make these packs once or twice per week, and use it regularly.

red onion for hair care treatment

The onion may not smell the best, but it is ideal if you have a problem with your hair. It contains sulfur which strengthens the root, prevents hair loss and stimulates growth, while antibacterials protect the skin of the head and prevent the occurrence of dandruff.

For beautiful, strong and healthy hair, it is best to prepare onion mask that you will use once or twice a week.

A simple onion hair mask

Cut the onions and squeeze the juice. Massage scalp with juice from the onion, put your hair in a warm towel, wait for half an hour and wash with a shampoo.

Onion and oil

Also, for this mask, squeeze out the juice of the onion, add the oil that suits your skin. You can also use a few drops of essential oil of lavender or rosemary. Apply on the skin of the head, wait an hour and wash your hair with shampoo.

onion treatment for hair

Onion, olive oil and, coconut oil

Put the olive oil, a spoon of coconut oil, and juice from one onion. Apply the mixture to the ends of your hair, not the scalp. Wait two hours and wash your hair with shampoo. The mask will strengthen and prevent damage to the ends of the hair. This mask is especially suitable for dry hair.

Onion, beer, and coconut oil

Mix a glass of beer with two spoons of coconut oil and a juice of one onion. Apply the mask to the hair, wait one hour, then wash with a shampoo. You can wrap your hair in a warm towel to better absorb nutrients.

Onion and honey

Mix the juice from the onion with the same amount of honey. Apply the mask on your hair and wait for an hour or two. After shampooing, rinse with a mixture of water and lemon juice. Mask stimulates hair growth and gives her a shine.

So you should use onion treatment for hair as much as possible to have your hair in the best condition!