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How to make a face cream at home

homemade cream for the face

Because our skin could face all the negative influences that come to us from the outside and the inside, it needs to be provided with adequate care and protection, and the best way for this is to learn how to make a face cream at home. First, our skin and body require a large amount […]

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A natural remedy for dry hair

a natural remedy for dry hair

What is dry hair? If you would like to know about a natural remedy for dry hair, you have to find out certain things regarding this related issue. When we say “dry hair“, we mean the hair is not sufficiently hydrated in order to have a normal sheen and texture. Hair is actually made up of […]

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Coconut oil for hair treatment

coconut oil for hair treatment

Coconut oil is very popular and is considered one of the best hair oil worldwide. Before you start using this oil for many useful functions, we suggest you find out what makes it so special, and why millions of people every day are increasingly using it in for many purposes. But coconut oil for hair […]

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Almond oil face benefits

almond oil face benefits

Almond oil face benefits are something that most of us aren’t aware of. Almond oil is the most popular basic massage oil, and one of the most widely used oil in cosmetics. It does not have a strong smell and a good spread, but softens and nourishes the skin, soothes sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin […]

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Bare essentials cosmetics

bare essentials cosmetics

In this article we will provide you with the bare essentials cosmetics.   Allantoin – heals wounds and burns and softens the skin. Aloe Vera extract- is extremely rich in natural active ingredients that rejuvenate the skin. It has an antibacterial, moisturizing and regenerative effect. Avocado oil – is a quality lipophilic emollient containing a high […]

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