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Coconut Oil Face Cream Recipe

The best coconut oil face cream: Prevents aging of the skin from its first use!Coconut Oil Face CreamThis coconut oil face cream recipe for home-made moisturizing face cream will delight you with wonderful natural scent on a daily basis, while at the same time will moisturize and treat your skin beautifully.  Note About this homemade cream!This […]

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Is Zinc Good for Skin

Is Zinc Good for Skin?​What can Zinc’s paste do the best: the cheapest way to take care of your skin, from head to toe! Ointment does not only work in the short term but deepens the pores and removes all dead cells from the skin of the face.Zinc paste or zinc ointment is increasingly found […]

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Problems With the Pimples

problems with the pimples

If you have ever experienced problems with the pimples, you know then how hard it is to get rid of this skin condition!Chances are that you have acne like a teenager, but it happens to older women because of the nature of monthly hormones.Pimples and acne can be a real problem, but fortunately, there are […]

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Natural Lip Balm Recipes

natural lip balm recipes

​Have you ever though about how to make natural lip balm, and where to find natural lip balm recipes?I think you have found the right place.​Lip balm is a practical and indispensable preparation for care, which will certainly find in each briefcase, purse or pocket. It’s always handy to protect and nourish the lips of […]

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Natural Body Care Recipes

natural body care recipes

Sometimes the small tricks are enough to fix your look … Expensive products, treatments, and time spent for care can become your past, thanks to simple and natural body care recipes.1. Saltwater against bloated and lifeless appearance of the skinDissolve a pinch of salt into a bowl of water and soak the towel. Then put […]

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