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problems with the pimples

Problems With the Pimples

If you have ever experienced problems with the pimples, you know then how hard it is to get rid of this skin condition!

Chances are that you have acne like a teenager, but it happens to older women because of the nature of monthly hormones.

Pimples and acne can be a real problem, but fortunately, there are solutions that can help you, whether you are a teenager or in aged years.

1. To begin with, what are these red dots on the face?

These are due to the accumulation of oil in the pores. Dead cells usually block the fat from getting out of the pores, where they can then spread bacteria and lead to the formation of pimples.​

2. What can easily create the pimples?

When the skin can not withstand the accumulation of bacteria, the pores are spreading and the pimples are created. Sometimes, this can also lead to the formation of a cyst.​

3. The chances are that you have acne like a teenager, but it happens to older women because of the nature of monthly hormones.

4. Sometimes acne is a matter of genetics. If your parents had acne as young, you are likely to inherit that gene.

5. If you have dry skin, it does not mean that you will avoid acne. All skin types have the potential to form acne, but if your skin is oily, then this is more common.

6. One of the main things is to allow your skin to breathe and wear appropriate clothes, because acne appears not only on the face but also on the body, most often on the back.

7. If you notice that your facial skin changes, check what medicines you were recently taking, as there is a possibility that some of them may cause this problem.

8. Many people think they will avoid acne if they do not eat fatty foods such as pizza or French fries. In fact, dermatologists say that oily hands are causing this problem and that's why you must immediately wash them after eating and do not touch your face.

9. Foods that contain sugar and carbohydrates and even milk products can cause acne.

10. Stress is one of the leading problems in general, which causes acne and other health problems.

11. After exercising in the gym, sweat can be kept in the pores. Therefore, you should wash your body properly and avoid creating acne.

12. Many hygiene products usually contain antibacterial components that clean the pores. Regularly exfoliate the face, apply light cream and thus you will reduce acne appearance.

Problems With the Pimples

The appropriate face cream can do miracles for your skin with the pimples problem!

13. But have patience. To treat acne, it takes the time to balance fat in the skin.

14. The appropriate face cream can do miracles for your skin, especially when your skin is greasy.

15. It is important to wash make-up brushes every time to reduce the appearance of bacteria that would be passed on to your face.

16. Most important of all is to avoid acne and squeezing, in order to avoid scars and stains that can be kept on the face.​

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